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For sale: Centascope MK. 3 x1.5 and Kowa 8Z in a near mint condition


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Check out those fresh auctions:


1) Rare Centascope MK.3 x1.5 - a great 'Hybrid' focus through lens:




Vimeo link:





2) The famous Kowa 8z in a great near mint condition:





Forum members get 10% off the ebay price for direct Paypal.



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How do these anamorphic projector lenses(specifically the 1.5x centascope) work on full frame dslr's? Do they cover the whole sensor? Or will I see the ring that is the lens, and therefore have to punch in and lose resolution???

Not sure about FF cameras. On the GH2 35mm lens is probably the widest possible before real vignetting  starts. That should mean 75mm on FF if i'm not wrong....

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I think you need to wait for this one being sold first. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221413593745

well, this is not the real 8Z, but a rebranded model, so no guaranty if it's exactly the same. It also has no original front cup and probably not in as good condition as mine. 


If I had to choose which one to buy, I would definitely go for mine :)

anyway, thanks for the info.

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