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Will 2 lens adapter on BMPCC affect the image?


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Hello all,


I found a deal on a Blackmagic Pocket camera, but it's in 4/3 mount. I currently have 5D MKIII so most of my lens are EF. I do have a couple of m42 and Olympus OM lens, but I have adapters for EF to M42 & OM. My question is, will having 4/3 to EF + EF to M42 or OM adapters affect the image? The lens will be pushed further away from the sensor.


Thank you

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As long as the lenses can still focus on infinity the image quality won't be affected. 1080p is pretty low res anyway so any issues with decentering or non parallel mounting caused by the multiple adapters won't show. BTW why not use single OL to M43 or M42 to M43 adapters?

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