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Sony FX 6 Test (Highspeed & Low Light)

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I am testing over the weekend the Sony FX6 from the Rental House, and I am thinking about to buy it...

What I have noticed so far

At 800 ASA low base settings:
Slow motion Full frame HD 240fps slightly blurrier than at 25 fps, slight moire 
on fine structures.
Fullframe HD 100fps looks much sharper.
Fullframe UHD 120fps looks very good.

I find the high base setting 12800 ASA too high, and a bit too noisy. 5000 ASA would have been better as a base here. 

When deciding whether to shoot in the high base ASA setting with Slog3 at 12800 ASA

or Cinetone at 5000 ASA, I would rather go for 5000 ASA Cinetone, because here the noise is not visible.

What are your experiences with the FX6?

Greetings Erik


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I don't have experience w/ the Fx6, but the noise difference between log v. non-log (Cinetone) in low-light is a phenomenon clearly described by Sony Ambassador Alister Chapman



"Even if you can expose correctly with a 14 stop recording bucket like log you are only using a little over 35% of the available data and that’s a terrible waste. You won’t have much data to help you separate out any noise from the desired picture information in post production and because your recorded signal is small any compression noise will be relatively big in comparison to the picture information.

This is when it’s time to abandon log and go back to a conventional gamma curve. You don’t need log when the scene only has a limited dynamic range. If you use Rec-709, which has a 6 stop range (without any knee) instead of log, at the same ISO, then now instead of recording using only 35% of the available data you will be using almost 85% of the available data and that’s going to give you much more real picture information to work with in post production. You will get a much better end result by not using log."



This isn't just a phenomenon with Sony log, this is across the board. Here are some tests that I did with the Canon 8K Raw, shot log v. non-log.  These shots were pushed from 800 to 6400, as I was actually testing latitude, but you get the idea (click on the images to see it more clearly). 

When you have to shoot low light and don't need the dynamic range, shoot non-log for lower noise.





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