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Hello- I am totally new to anamorphic and I am still in the study phase. 

I picked up this huge lens [didnt expect it to be so big]. Seems it will only fill a full frame with a minium 100mm lens, but thats another story.

I need to put diopters on the front. I found a set of filters this big but there is no way to attach them, unless I glue an empty ring on the front.. Dose someone sell a filter cap/holder for a lens this big? All the markings are  worn off on this lens, but i believe is to be an ISCO lens.

Thanks for the help.  regards, dw

s-l1600 (1).jpg

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Some 86mm closeup filters should work but they usually come in +1 +2 +3 or +4 strength which might be too much for the lens.

To attach one of them, you probably need to get a custom clamp from a local machine shop. One side with 86mm threads or 3 screw holes for holding the clamp to the front of the lens.

But believe me, all of these won't worth it. Just sell it or keep it as a (heavy) paper weight and buy a proper anamorphic adapter. Even a Singer/Sankor/Kowa 16-D is still a much better choice.

Also, if you haven't, you should watch some beginner videos on Anamorphic on a Budget channel. They should have you get started a lot easier without having to do these trial and error headaches.

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