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Kiptar 2x


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I thought I share my rough test here: Isco anamorphic Kiptar 2x on a Zeiss Biotar 58/2 on a t2i. There is slight vignetting but it is quite o.k. if cropped to 3:1.

I later found that the 2x is more like a 1.8:1 (at least the way I mounted it:
Focusing is a pain (especially with this mount... :) ) but I knew that beforehand... any hints on how to do a better mount are very welcome.
Also, I know,  I should get myself some nd filters.

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You are not alone in focusing both lens.  I had a heck of a time trying it, 'til I using the focal lens of the anamorphic with the focal of the taking lens - lucky for me I got VidAtlantic's clamp, you should check them out. 

I might post a YT vid here on EOSHD.

I love the lens flares at the end.

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