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Bad News for Otto and Vasily's hack?


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Hi there,

maybe, it is just a correlation, but I discovered that a strange behavior that my NX1 haunted me with, just vanished after overwriting the firmware (with Vasili's hack) with a vanilla 1.4.1 one.
- What happened?

Well, over the past months, I noticed that the rear dial  - the one you use for exposure compensation, for instance - and the wheel on the back - that one you employ for strolling the menu - started working in a way that turned them useless: The exp comp. jumped up and down, no matter in which direction it was dialed, the rear wheel stopped working after two or three 45° turns. 
I thought this might be the notorious 'button death' phenomenon of Samsung Cameras, that is common to affect the mode dial on the top plate. But - after overwriting the firmware - the dials work like on that day when I switched the camera for the first time.

I think this leaves room for two possible causes:

- The firmware/software is getting slow after some time of use, like windows95

- The hack eats up the performance of some parts of the system

Did anyone encounter anything comparable?

Anyway, if your dials refuse to work properly, don't just give up and  throw your NX1 away, try a fresh firmware first!

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