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Atomos NINJA V Audio Delay Setting C100MKII


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Quick question. There's a setting (see screenshot attached) on my NINJA V which allows adjusting for any audio delay that the camera may have over HDMI to the NINJA. I'm using the C100MKII, and was wondering from people here if they know what the delay is for this camera. I know from reading, that some DSLR cameras, like Sonys or Panasonics may have 2-3 frames of delay, but not sure of the C100MKII. I of course tried it, and I can't objectively tell of any delay. So I had my Audio Delay setting at 0 on the NINJA. But then I though to go all the way to 5 and even 10 to see what the result would be, and the result is the same - no delay. 

So out of curiosity, I have 2 questions:

1. C100MKII owners that use the NINJA V, and delay you notice?

2. If no delay, like I'm subjectively seeing, then wouldn't setting it to 5 or 10 frames make it actually have the audio be 5  or 10 frames *before* the video?

Curious about this. I tested with the onboard mic as well as a Sennheiser 416 XLR mic I'm planning to use. Again, comparing audio from internal cards to external NINJA files, I don't notice delay, no matter the setting.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 7.38.26 PM.png

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