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FOR SALE: Moller 32/1.5x

Dave Reeve

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Selling my Moller Anamorphot - it's a lovely lens with strong character. It's also been fully serviced by Bernie of Super16inc fame which means it's had a full clean/lube/adjust/good talking to/collimation. Note that this lens is a Moller 32 not Bolex-Moller 16/32 but Bernie said that optically they're very similar. On the rear element the coating is a little marked and there is light scratching on the front element, but Bernie didn't think these would have an adverse affect on the final image. I shot a quick test this morning - if you want I can send you a less compressed h264 (a smidge under 300mb) or a proresLT (860mb):



I'm selling because A, I went a bit too mad over anamorphics in 2013, B, had a second baby which has meant I've had very little time to work with the lenses. If you're in London and want to check it out then let me know - paypal or cash. This is a very rare and high quality lens, which many people consider the best dual focus anamorphic available, but I don't really have an idea of price - so if I tot up what I paid for it plus the Super16 service I'd be looking for £1,100ono.











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Just an update - having reviewed the footage Bernie agrees that the light scratching on the front element does affect the image - a slight softening and mistiness in places - with the white glowing a little more than usual. In places this actually looks great and used for the right occasion could be the icing on the cake. As Bernie puts it: 'Some people would DIE for that footage !!!!! You know how many people would love to have that look ?'

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