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Struggling with EF->E adapters and A7 III's SteadyShot

Santi Deva

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Hi everyone, 

Recently I bought two EF->E adapters to use a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM with my Sony A7 III.

First one is the Neewer Electronic EF to E adapter and the other one is the Commlite EF to E adapter.

With both of them I'm facing the same problem, and I'm trying to figure out if it's because they're cheap adapters (never had this problem with my old A7S II + Metabones IV) or if I am doing something wrong.

So the problem is that the SteadyShot works as it should work when the focal length is 70mm, but when I change it, especially when it's 200mm, the image is shaky. It seems to me that the adapter is not communicating properly the focal length to the camera, and the camera always thinks the focal lenght is 70mm. If I setup the SteadyShot to "manual" and the proper focal lenght instead of "auto", SteadyShot works fine.

Anybody here faced a similar problem in the past or can shed some light here? It would be so much appreciated, since I'm also struggling with Neewer and Commlite's tech support and they don't answer my emails.

Here's a test video I made to illustrate it in case I didn't explain myself properly:


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Thank you, Jonathan. Yes, it seems that's the problem, I'm trying to be sure before returning the adapters. I just got the answer from Neewer's tech support and I think it's the most ridiculous tech support reply I've got in my life:


Thanks for sending me the video. Our manufacturer tells me that when shooting in a long focal length, the image will be shaky. Could you put the camera on a tripod instead of holding it in hand to have a try?

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