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Cheap Color Correction Monitor


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I am building a system to edit and grade 5d Mk3 Raw with davinci,premiere...

I am currently looking for a sub $ 300 monitor to buy for color correcting. I know

that at this price range it is almost ridiculous to ask for any objective color correction but

well, is the money I have.

My options so far are:


--Asus MX239H 23"

--Asus PA238Q 23" 


Which monitor do you use? What are your recommendations?


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As far as consumer monitors capable of decent color correction i think there are only a couple of options, none that fit the <$300.

you will basically be guessing. Dell 2713H  and HP dreamcolor. And in order to make any of these worthwhile you will need a device

to collaborate them, I recommend the colormunki.


If you have a decent plasma TV that will actually be closer for critical color than a $300 monitor. I would use whatever monitor to you have now and save the $300 towards a decent one down the road.



My 2c.  Good luck!

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