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PC Help Needed. Custom Build. For 5d Mk3 Raw.Resolve. PPRO. ETC.


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Hello, I am sort of a beginner in pc building and so far I´ve come up with this:


We plan to film a feature film with this rig. What do you think? Will it hold?

I need a powerful video card because I want to edit in at least 1080p in two monitor fluent. I would love if this setup could afford (when I have the money for monitors) the capacity for 1440p.

I went for 16gb of ram thinking on doubling it in near future for use of rendering and stuff.

I bought a SSD for Windows and the software and for the moment a 3tb hard drive for video files etc... AND HERE is my biggest doubt. I know that for fluent editing I will need a RAID system, the thing is I don't know anything about RAID. Which would be the cheapest way of having a RAID system that can back me up at least one copy of everything and having at least 3tb of space (excluding the backup). Which kind of RAID should I use?

Also, would you happen to have any recommendations that could lower the price for the same performance?

Also, what screen do you recommend me.

Thank you very much.

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I'd go with a bigger SSD. Even if you'll only use it for OS and software, it fills up quickly, in my experience. 256GB isn't that much extra cost. Also, the bigger the SSD, the faster it is in general.


If you want to save money, I think you can do with a i5 processor. GPU is more important for fluid editing.


Also, you picked an older CPU, you should go for the newest generation (socket 1150), it doesn't cost more. So I'd go with the Intel Core i7 4770K or the i5 4670K. Of course you also need a socket 1150 motherboard. I don't think you have to spend so much on it, if you're not planning on over clocking.


And why the expensive liquid cooler? A big fan cooler is more than enough and can be very quiet (the GPU is going to make most of the noise anyway).


Also you can save on the memory, no need for fancy coolers.


For the power supply, I'd go with one that has a 80 Plus Gold certification (more efficient). 850W also is overkill. 650W should be plenty, definitely if you go for the Gold certification.


That monitor looks crap btw... I wouldn't buy 1080p@27" (23" or 24" is fine with that resolution). But more important, buy a monitor with an IPS panel. This looks like a cheap TN panel, those have bad color and viewing angles. Dell has good screens for good prices. You can get a 27" ips screen with 2560x1440 for less than 500.

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On the spec you choose for Resolve at least 3GB VRAM on the GTX770, for the money a Zotac 4GB would be good, 5 yr warranty too.

RAM I'd watch those jerk off heat sinks possibly clashing with your CPU cooling if you were to choose a fan rather than water cooled. CAS is high and only dual channel? If 2x 8GB? Maybe consider some low CAS, low voltage Kingston HyperX or similar.

16GB is entry level for any RAM cache, play blast.

Does your mobo support dual 16x PCI-e 3.0 if you add a second GPU, if you're going for Resolve 10b with dual monitors then think about adding a second GPU for just GUI, as 10b supports multi GPU and prefably on a mobo supporting dual 16x not 16x then 8x and 8x.

Blackmagic recommend the Asus P9X79 Pro for that, socket 2011 Ivy Bridge, 4 channel RAM etc, have you done a cost comparison with socket 2011 and a quad core?

For PSU I'd suggest the 850W to cover things like second GPU and a small disk RAID. RAID 0 for that just as workspace, RAID 1 for backup to a Synology NAS and a eSATA dock for bare drives for off site. No RAID 5 or 6 unless using enterprise standard drives.
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