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Final cut pro x trouble with Gh2


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So I have used my gh2 to import to final cut pro x on my macbook pro, for a while now. Never had any problems...


But I have been out of the game for a while and recently recorded some footage, and I am having trouble importing it in final cut or even imovie. Most files work, but some give me this message


"The following clip encountered an error during import and is still referencing media on the camera:"


And i can watch the clip but I can't use it or export it, because it still is referencing on the camera. I dragged all contents of my memory card to a folder on my desktop and tried importing that way, but the same message comes up for those particular files, any idea?

 Its a hacked gh2, using final cut pro x - Mac OSX  10.7.5


Any ideas? Thanks!

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I would first test your camera with another computer if you can. That will tell you right away if the problem is with your computer or your camera. If the camera is the problem, try a different card, could be the read speed is too low or the partition on the card is corrupted. If it's your computer, test in a different user account. You might also want to re-install Final Cut, or at worst Mac OS X.
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Probably indeed a problem with the hack.


Most files work



So it looks the camera was perhaps put off after a longer clip at a high data rate, and the index was not finished.


After a long recording, make a very short recording (just 1 or 2 seconds).


Probably QT will not open the file. I once had such a clip (with FCP 7 then). Premiere also didn't recognize the clip. But Toast did. Open Toast in the media conversion window (or so, I have a german version). Drag & drop your clip into it, export as QT, ProRes (gear icon lets you set export codecs). My problem was, I could only export the audio as an extra clip (make it Aiff) and had to synchronize both in the NLE. 


If this doesn't work, either upgrade to 10.8 (AVCHD is played back by QT without conversion, the upgrade is safe) - but I bet it won't work either, because still OSX doesn't like .mts without or with wrong metadata.


Or take your card to a windows computer, where you export both clips with highest quality settings of H.264.

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You might still be able to recover it by doing what Axel says: record another 1-2 second clip.  This can be done even if you take the SD card out of the camera.  It's Panasonic's internal referencing, and it gets confused with long spanned clips.  So try it, then try copying the SD card to your Mac again, and it should clear up.

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