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Ebay Scam


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If anyone is thinking about buying this lens combo, make sure to ask the seller if there's oil on the aperture blades of the canon lens, and also ask if the Ekie is sharp. I bought these lenses from this guy last year and the aperture blades had oil all over them and the Ekie was totally soft. Maybe he fixed it, but I doubt it. I eventually got my money back from him but it took a while. 




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Perhaps not a scam, but certainly something that is going to trip a few bidders up. Look at the shipping costs on this lens: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Anamorphic-Lens-for-GSMO-and-CP-16-Moviecameras-/291050634439

$5000 for shipping from Germany to the US seems legit :)
Maybe he plans on hiring Elton John to swim it across the Atlantic wearing a pair of gold Speedos.
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