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New Tamron 15-30mm INTERESTING Features

Jonesy Jones

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Granted, this lens is huge. If you are looking for small and stealth, probably not this lens. Half a pound heavier and an inch longer than the Sigma 18-35 for reference. 

However, check out some of these features for filmmaking.

  • "Integrated rear filter holder permits working with cut gel-type filters." To me this sounds like one could drop in ND's in the back of the lens. Nifty. The front has the integrated hood so filters in general will need a Lee type filter system of some sort or a diy one like this. So this is a handy feature. Canon mount only though.
  • "VC image stabilization helps to minimize the appearance of camera shake by up to 4.5 stops for more effective handheld shooting in difficult lighting conditions." I have been noticing that Tamron's in-lens IS is pretty much class leading. I'm not expecting GH5 IBIS level stabilization, but this could make handheld on the P4K way mo betta.
  • The coatings on this thing seem to be pretty sweet.
  • Coupled with the Metabones .64 speedbooster on the P4K this becomes a FF equiv T2 18-35mm, with the .71 its a 20-40mm, and with no boost its a T3 28-60mm.... with a close focus of 11" which is like 5" from the front of the lens.
  • I've been looking at images from the first version and it seems like all that glass make for some very creamy imagery. 
  • Covers FF.

Build quality seems to be great. I'm hoping the focus ring is smoove and the throw isn't too short (which might kill it for me).

It's pricey. 

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