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GH5 and Zhiyun Crane for UHD video

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Hi, I'm thinking to buy a GH5 camera with Leica lens 12-60mm to make UHD documentaries around the world. I don't visit towns but I document indigenpous life in remote areas. I'd like to ask some questions because I have always used videocameras in my life and the GH5 is opening up for me a new horizon that I don't know at all. For this reason I'd like to ask some questions please.
1) In your opinion will I need a Zhiyun Crane for my shots? I don't like to bring with me heavy matters but if it will be important for me I will buy it.
2) If you suggest to use the Zhiyun Crane, usually for how much time will I need to use it? I know it is a stupid question but I like to understand better. Will I have to use it around 50-60% of my shots or for all the time 100%? Certainly there are rare times that I need to put the camera on the tripod, but I do not mean this moments. So I exclude them because I mean allt eh times without tripod.
3) Can I always use a skylite instead of UV filter to protect Leica lens? Do you advise against it?
4) Can I use GH5 without any gray filter in the very sunny days? Will I get enough bad images?
5) How do you suggest to make the white balance?
6) Can you tell me if GH5 gives a good image quality with in semiautomatic mode? I'd like to fix only the shutter at 120f/s and I let the camera to choose all the other options in automatic mode.
I'd like to get replies from expert guys who make UHD videos with GH5.
Thanks a lot for your pleasant suggestions.

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