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BMPCC and FD Lenses


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Good morning! 

Recently I bought an adapter from Canon FD to M4/3 which promised to work for the BMPCC...When I tested it, it turned out that the only way I could get a proper focus was to move into macro focusing, meaning that I also had to zoom my lens to make macro focusing available.......

Can anyone recommend a lens adapter to convert my FD collection to the BMPCC effectively?

Additionally, if anyone can recommend a good "dumb" adapter for EF (EF-S) to BMPCC, I'd love to start adapting Rokinon lenses to it. 

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Hallo, can you test your FD lens on an FD camera as well, to see if lens is faulty? Regular FD adapters are within some limits of precision but will work well without the problems, which occured during your testing.

I would recommend a cheaper Focal Reducer, if you want to widen the field of view of your lens and if you want to get 1 more step of light gathering, making a f2.8 into a F2 regarding light gathering. I am using one. Optically it works very well with my 28mm 2.8 and fifty 1.4, also had a 100 2.8 on it once with great effect. My sample has a bit wobbly connection to the m43 mount. But for the price and results I am very happy with it. My focal reducer looks like this, though this model has different manufactors or distributors:


You might want to repost this under the main or in the lens section, so you thread gets more attention.

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Hey, thanks for the recommendation. All of my lenses work perfectly on my AE-1 and when converted to my T2i and T4i. From what I understand, the BMPCC has a small difference in the flange distance compared to any other m43 photography camera. 

I'll take a look at the focal reducer, it's certainly be nice to not have as extreme cropping!

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