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I was in a cinema hall and shot a short clip off the screen with the theatre chairs in the foreground. I tried to hold the camera as steady as possible but there is some tiny tiny movement.

What I am now trying to do is lay a new video into where the theatre screen. I've got it dialed really well but the small camera shake gives what I'm doing away.

For some reason Warp Stabilizer is not holding the theatre footage stable. I think it's because the theatre foreground itself is low contrast and the screen itself is moving with the film playing on it.

I'm working in PPro CC 8.2.

Anyone know how to 'Pin' the footage manually so that it does not move.  Then I crop and scale accordingly. I know it won't be perfect but...

Actually, what I believe I need to do is to get the 2 separate clips to sync and track together so they move together.

Any ideas? 

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