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Zeiss to release a new 25/1.4 lens


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12 hours ago, CanonTheBarbarian said:

i guess it's alrite, but much better to get contax 21mm f2.8 or hollywood 28 f2, dat organic zeissy look


I've been using C/Y lenses on Canon for photography probably since 2005. Have tried or owned most of Context C/Y lenses. My favorite lens is actually the 28/2.8. I wish they would bring this back. It's so small, light and sharp in the center. I hear you about the hollywood 28, the rending of that is beautiful. But I'm thinking 25/1.4 will probably render if nicer. 

I'm still deciding to keep or let go of my 85/1.4 (Made in Germany). It also renders beautifully wide open. But I'm not sure if it's the lens I'll be suing a lot. 

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If I decide to go Sony A7 (or whatever sony might announce in a week or two) Then I probably go with Zeiss Batis 25/2. However, Lloyd Chambers who is a bit of Zeiss expert seem to already praising the performance of this lens from his early impressions calling it the best 24/25 lens he has worked with, https://diglloyd.com/blog/2017/20171018_1931-ZeissMilvus25f1_4-FirstLook.html

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