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Kinemini 4k – whats the story?


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I appreciate all the answers and all the links in this thread. I feel like buying one of these cams might be a risk, that will either be a very rewarding experience or a very pricey mistake. I'm also looking at Ursa Mini 4.6 (not pro), and it seems like Blackmagic also has problems with support, faulty units, magenta cast issues and so on. $4k is probably my price range, and if I had to choose between the Ursa and Terra 4k, I'd go for the used ursa as the price would be same roughly, but Ursa would be a more ready-to-shoot kind pf package, right?

This thread got me a bit more confused then I was initially, but any advice is greatly appreciated guys, you're awesome!

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On 9/10/2017 at 3:37 AM, silvertonesx24 said:

I owned a Kinemini and now own a few KineMax.

The KineMax is a significant upgrade over the Kinemini in every way. Obviously resolution, color science, and usability. The Terra 6K uses the same sensor in a smaller format. Dynamic range in the "golden" mode is insane. My DP (owner of alexa mini) was blown away by our ability to shoot subjects directly against a bright sky.

Cineform Raw >>>>>> every other codec out there. Lossless raw at smaller file sizes than Prores and I can cut 6K raw even on a first gen i7.

The cameras are rock solid. Never an issue. Never a crash. I had one big problem on set once not getting it to recognize the SSD, but that was because I was using 7mm instead of the 9mm SSDs that the slot is built for. Yes you have to deal with crappy Chinese support and sending it back to Bejing to fix anything so if that's not for you, don't even consider them.

Now, cinema cameras will be a pain in the butt if you're 'upgrading' from DSLR, so the GH5 and the 5D come out to shoots way more than the Kinefinity stuff. But that's a different argument.

 Replying in an old thread, as I'm curious as to if maybe @silvertonesx24 has got a Terra now, and if so how do you find it compared to the KineMini and KineMax?

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