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White EVF NX1.

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Sorry for posting here if it's wrong section. 

Travelling with my NX1 and the S lenses. 

After a medium rain (probably) the first real rain for this NX1 + 16-50 S lens I noticed that the EVF is white when I was switched Bluetooth on to transfer the jpegs. First it looked like a old tv set with grain amd then went white (low white whem in lcd mode and high when switch to EVF mode). 

In the rain I used the built in flash but first noticed that the flash didn't fire. Though it had to do with electronic shutter.


1. Going out in the rain. No lens change during being outside.

2. Getting message on screen (Electronic shutter available). ???!!!! (Have had El. Shutter on since I've had the camera but never seen the message).

3. Tried to use integrated flash. First nothing happened. Switched "Electronic shutter" off. The the flash worked. 

Took some images and did some video while out.

4. Got home with camera after 50 minutes. Left it a bit to dry on a plastic "sheep skin". 

5. Turned it on to use Bluetooth to transfer images and a video. Noticed after turning on bluetooth via the lcd that the EVF is shining white. 

Taking picture with the lcd works however.

Have detached the battery grip, lens and hve put the camera upside down with the integrated flash open to dry just in case.


Anyone experience something similar? 

Would be hard if the EVF is broken. 

Never had anything similar happen before. The NX1 is supposed to be weatherproof right? (There is a commercial with it and the 16-50 S lens in a faucet under the tap. And I don't remember anywhere saying to not to open/use the flash in rain.) And this wasn't any special rain. Far from a monsoon. 


Kind Regards. 



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