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Problem with Davinci Resolve 14 Database (Windows)

John Emery

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Hi guys,

After 10 hours of editing I'm in panic mode right now because I can't find my old projects of Davinci!!

I downloaded the latest version of Davinci 14 (to try out the Raw files of the Canon C200). I already had Resolve 14, where I had all the projects I have worked with since 12.5. I intalled the latest version and when it opens I get the option to upgrade the database, but they recommend to backup the existing database first. So I haven't done nothing yet. I'm afraid of srewing up here!! Loads of projects, some unfinished. I never had this problem going from 12.5 to 14! Where can I find the files?? Can I still open them? I've being looking around google and BM forums, and I don't know if it's because I'm in panic mode, but I just can't find it (on windows 8.1). 

Has anyone else gone through this? Could you point me in the right direction...

Where can I find the files??

Can I still open them? (with any other version of Davinci)


Thank you for your time!!

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What I would recommend is to switch, on the long run or short-term, from Resolve's database workflow to a file-based project storage (unless you're working in teams). All you need to do is consecutively open every single project in the Project Manager, save each project as a project file and - when you're done - deinstall ProgreSQL. (The PostgreSQL deinstaller comes with Resolve and will be on your hard drive.) 

Aside from more robust/transparent project storage, this will also have the benefit of no more login screen when starting Resolve. A small disadvantage is that saving projects takes a bit longer (i.e. a few seconds) with complex projects.

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Thanks Sam! It's great to hear that, but I don't want to risk it (to many projects in there)... I'll check Liftgammagain for an answer;).


Thanks for the reply Cantsin!

I'll look in to this for sure once I get the backup done, and everything is running smoothly again.


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