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anyone with problems on camera tracking and nx video files?


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Hi, i have recently have issues with after effects tracking, all my camera files cant be tracked, getting "analysis solved failed" as error message.

First i think it was the 120fps, then i re interp footage, and nothing, tried to convert to prores, using another files with native 24 fps, full hd, hd, all resolutions and nothing, then tried with a a7 file and work perfectly.

Anyone with the same problem? i use adobe after effects 2017 first release with the hevc update and nx500 120fps and 24fps files.

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I've had this issue, but I don't think it was related to the camera, because other shots worked fine. Most likely it was just a hard scene for the tracker.

You could try and convert the files to different format to see, if it's the camera codec's fault.

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