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Sony IBIS and "old" zoom lenses


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Hey there forum,

I have an "old" Tokina zoom in sight, the 28-70 2.6-2.8. It is supposed to be a very good lens for video. I want to use it for my compact configuration: a7rII handheld with a smart lens adapter. As you know, the IBIS needs to know which focal length you are at in order to work properly. With native sony zooms or even adapted modern canon zooms that goes automatic into the camera and all works fine. But what happens with a Legacy zoom lens like the Tokina? This lens is about 15 years old and has rear contacts, but I don´t know if that means it communicates focal length with the camera. Has someone experience with a similar zoom lens?

Thanks in advance,

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Yeah, I'm also pretty sure it will work regarding autofocus and aperture control, but what is also important for me here is the focal length info, because the IBIS works based on this. If it's not transmitted to the camera, this lens cannot be used with IBIS.

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Sure it can, you'd just have to enter the focal length manually in the camera menu. A pain in the ass if you change FL often, but it would work.

I would do some googling to see if photos shot with the EF version of the lens have the focal length included in the EXIF data. If so, you should be golden, as that means the lens is communicating FL to the body in at least that manner.

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