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Share your favourite NLE plugin


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I think, that such discussion would be very exciting for everybody, and we could learn a lot of new things.

Doesn't matter, which NLE, just a plugin, which you like - maybe it is just better than others of that kind or it has saved you on some work, or maybe you just use it all the time. And also a small description of why you chose it.

I'll start by naming 2 of my recent findings - Hitfilm light flare and MBR color corrector.

The Hitfilm light flare is just a very configurable lens flare effect. The original lens flare in Premiere Pro is not very usable, but many times shots can really benefit from it (aerial shots, for example) to make them more shiny and cheerful. Can be used for simulating the sun, when there is just a gray overcast. This effect really helps to make it as realistic, as possible.

MBR color corrector is a plugin for Premiere Pro, which can recognise color checkers and match cameras using the information. You put a color checker in the frame, film it with different cameras and the software adjusts color, so the cameras look the same. That's in theory. I actually haven't tested the plugin, because I don't have a color checker. A while ago, I was searching for this kind of functionality, and found this plugin. If it really works fine, it would be a very welcome feature for multi camera shoots.

So what are your favourite plugins?

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