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Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist

GH5 int 8 bit conversion magenta-cast

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Fellow GH5 users, something that I have seen from day 1 using the GH5 is that when developing raw pictures internally, they almost always had a magenta cast, so I always had to dial the hue-wheel against green, before converting to jpg and sending them to my phone over Wi-Fi. 

Today I too discovered the clear difference in color cast when using VLOG-L in 10 bit vs 8 bit. A lot of magenta / green going on in the shadows when shooting 8 bit. Maybe even more pronounced when filming 1080p. I'll post some screen shots in the bottom of the post.

I wonder, could there be a connection since both raw-files processed in camera to 8bit jpg, and vlog-footage processed to 8bit turns against magenta. The 8 bit conversion conspiracy.. :lol:

What I really want to know is if I'm the only one getting this color cast when processing raw-files internally or if maybe there is a trend amongst other users as well. 

By the way, white balance set to daylight. There's a green tree outside the window so the color cast should more be against green.










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I also tried pointing the camera against a white surface, custom white balancing, then tried CineD. Same results as the in the video I posted with VLOG-L - when going 8 bit, the luminance levels in the green and blue channel went up more than green. Super weird, maybe someone has a clue why this happens? 

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