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Recommended picture profiles and setting for GH5?


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VLOG-L for 4K 10 bit 25fps, CineD for 50fps 4K. The VLOG-L problems in 8 bit + high compression 150mbit 50p is real, more blocking and strange green / magenta artifacts unfortunately. I hope they do something with the 4K high fps setting next firmware, but maybe it's already confirmed that the only upgrade will be "normal speed" ALL-I 400mbit? 

EDIT: Found the same while filming 1080p, 10 bit VLOG-L is fine, 8 bit, a lot of magenta blocking. Weird!

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17 hours ago, boxtree said:


just wondering what picture profiles/settings people are using on the GH5, and why? 

Hard to know where you're coming from. Have a GH5 and wondering if there's something special you should know? 

Most of the profiles look really nice. Natural in particular. Auto White balance seems to work fine if you give it a moment to register.

Some people dial down sharpness and noise reduction.

I like moving the black level in Premiere up just a little (0.4) but I'd do that on any camera.

Vlog-L in 10 bit is amazing.

Cine-D now looks good too straight up (it seemed a bit off on the GH4) and there's even some clever luts that turn it into Rec.709



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