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ProRes vs ProRes - A first look at uncompressed HDMI with the Nikon D5200 vs the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Andrew Reid

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I will do some more testing, but a movie is being shot where my editing machine is, LOL, so I'll have to wait a day or two.


So, IIUC, H.264 does explicitly state under what conditions the video_full_range_flag should be equal to 1.


But H.264 does *not* explicitly state what the decoder should do when it encounters the flag set to 1. General wisdom is to remap, but that's really more of a "common practice." (Would you say that's the correct way to look at it?)


And like you alluded to, in reality, someone is going to be disappointed. Those who want to keep everything video levels are going to be happy. :) But those who feel that a camera that shoots full range should have its images be full range are going to be upset. And I can understand both perspectives.

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