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Question for FS700 Picture Profile users...

Scott Goldberg

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I'm looking to use one basic PP setting for shooting. This is my "wish list" of what I'd like:



No bleeding of reds and dark colors
No muddy shades of color
Most dynamic range for color correction ( if needed, some shots if not many, won't need it)
Little to no video noise
Least aliasing
Flatest profile (not essential but a plus)
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Here are all the pages I've found that mention FS700 pp's. There's surprisingly few!





Alister Chapman's maximum DR pp






Some settings Frank Glencairn used at some point or another (!)



Have you tried any of these out?


Picture profiles are still a bit of a dark art to me, so I've just been following the lead of those above who know a lot more than I about what each individual setting does! So far I've shot with nLOG and it came out alright I guess!


It would be wonderful though if Sony teamed up with Deluxe, Technicolor or similar to produce a Cinestyle-like pp and LUT for FS700 users. It would be a great compromise to make up for a lack of S-LOG.

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