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External Monitor Options Smallhd 501 vs 702 Bright

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Okay, I'm already 90% convinced that the SmallHD 501 is probably the best option for an external monitor to replace my SmallHD DP4(used with a BM Micro), but I'd like to hear any other opinions and options.     The reason why I want to replace the DP4 is I'd like to be able to have a monitor that had LUT support and was a little sharper.    I'm ruling out the Atomos line because I don't need a monitor with recording capabilities, not to mention I prefer the compact size of SmallHD's monitors and excellent battery life.    My work has a Ninja Blade and it's a tad bulky and heavy when you throw a battery on it.    

After factoring in the accessories for the 501 I'd need: the swivel mount, sunshade, and screen protector/or glare reducer, the total is approaching $1100 with shipping.    I'm a little miffed they do not include an AC adapter which is another accessory for $139.   With that said, I started looking at the 702 Bright, which retails for $1499, figuring it would be useful to have an ultrabright display when I shoot outdoors and may not have to use a sunhood.    I do like the fact the 702 can accommodate both Canon and Sony batteries without having to swap out battery plates - It would be great if the 500 series monitor could take both types of batteries but I'm not sure if there's enough space for them to do that.    I haven't seen in person either the 501 or 702, but I'm overall impressed with the UI of both monitors, based on numerous reviews.      

I'd also be using this monitor with my Zhiyun Crane; I have the DP4 mounted to a Toga arm that's screwed into the 1/4" 20 hole on the bottom of the handgrip of the gimbal - I keep meaning to take a photo of my setup for the Zhiyun Crane topic here but I keep forgetting to do so when I'm out shooting an event.    

I worry that the 702 might be kind of overkill for the tiny Micro(I do have it in a Smallrig cage so mounting points aren't a concern), but it being around $400 more than the 501 and is much brighter and has SDI(not all that important to me but nice to have) I can't help but consider it.   I may consider renting the 502 and DP7 from a local rental house, but wanted to get insight from others who have used either or both.    

Thank you in advance.

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