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Experienced Time Lapsers....


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Ok so I have been searching the web and forum for some time lapse settings for my gh2. I know there is a hack for it but I was wondering, for a simple, cinematic time lapse (shot with video not stills- for now), what settings would you use on your gh2?


I know keep everything manual (focus, exposure) with a tripod. But as far as shutter speed? 1/2fps? I am just trying to find the correct settings for my gh2 to use it in a  time lapse. The time lapse is of people in  party by the way. 


if anyone has a tutorial on shooting time lapses with the gh2, that would be great. Couldn't find anything like it on the web.


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The shutter speed depends on the look you want. Shutter angle rules still apply. So if you are exposing every ten seconds, a five second exposure would give you the approximate smoothness of film.


But I don't like time lapses that try too hard to look like video, so i like to use shorter exposures. (<45 degree angle), so for a ten second interval i'd use less than a 1.75 sec exposure. It gives it a staccato look.

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To speed it up do you use final cut or adobe after effects?


And if you read the original message of this post you would see I already googled "gh2 time lapse" and read through, but there wasn't was I looking for specifically.



I use light room so i can edit the stills in RAW, then export them to video with custom preferences. The link below gives you the gist and shows you where to find download the custom preferences:



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