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For XC10 and XC15 owners and potential owners


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I've owned both of these cams, and sold an XC10 to help purchase the XC15--totally worth it IMO for much better and cleaner audio.

For some I do have a suggestion---replace the LCD viewfinder Canon supplies with a Kinotenik LCDVF 3C.

You can fine the item and compatibility on these links:


The 3C LCDVF and frame fit the XC10/15 perfectly, give you a much larger and clearer image, and much easier access to the Cam's LCD touchscreen. 

If you need lens corrections you can also order a set of diopter lenses  that screw in the viewfinder's eye piece.

I've not used it a long time but as far as I can see there's no downside to this option---and if ever you decide you don't like it you can always remove the frame and go back to the OEM view finder Canon supplies.

I learned about this because I bought one for my 1DC---and it worked great---so I decided the check how it would work on the XC15 and it was balls on perfect.

In the US if you decided to buy one you can find them at B&H.

Links are as follows:
Link for diopters for 3C lens:

Link for LCDVF

Anyone else have experience with these items???








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Sorry about the logo being upside down--but I'm left eyed. But left or right matters not, all you have to do is remove the LDCVF and flip it---not need to adjust the eyepiece. 



A second thing that makes things better is the Canon W58 wide angle lens.

I took my 1DX2 and 24-105 lens, set the lens at 24 and shot a scene. Next, I took the XC15 with the WD-H58W wide angle lens attachment and shot the same scene. 

The result was the XC15 gave a slightly wider angle of view than the 24mm full frame: pretty cool for establishing shots, etc.

The downside is these is not threads in the H58W for an ND filter. I used a variable ND over 80mm and used electrical tape to press fit it to the H58W...and it worked fine shooting in bright sunlight.

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