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Introducing the new Tecnoir Anamorphic lens holder for 15mm rods/ rail systems

andy lee

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it looks like it would fit my sankor compact cinemascope..what is the maximum barrel size of the anamorphic lens? i'm using a vidatlantic xl anamorphic clamp, which is somewhere around 72mm. what is your price in USD+shipping? this would be a huge help when shooting with a variable ND filter

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the Tecnoir Anamorphic lens holder will take a lens upto 72mm diameter so yes you can use your Sankor

I use it with mine I have 3 new Sankor Gold 2x anamorphic lenses as used in modern multiplexes.

Price inc shipping to USA is

174 UK pounds for the holder plus 35 pounds shipping fully insured to you



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I have a new modern gold SANKOR 2x Anamorphic lens for sale with 15mm rod holder support system.


The Sankor is a superb stunningly sharp anamorphic lens , it is a Modern Japanses made lens made for
use in Multiplex Cinemas across the world to project Hollywood Block Buster films.
It is the pinnacle of anamorphic lens technology an amazing piece of quailty Japanses engineering.

With the anamorphic lens holder you can use this lens easily on your 15mm rod system
just slide it onto your rods and you are ready to shoot stunning images.

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