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Real estate video - beautiful home in 4K (+aerials)

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My wife - who has never seen a real estate video before - said that the internal shots were fine, but the drone shots at the beginning were too lengthy and she was about to switch off. At the end of the day, one only needs a short overview of the grounds because they will be spending most of their time living inside the property. That is where the real focus should be.

I tend to agree. One quick tantalising five second overhead shot externally, one minute inside the property, one ten second aerial shot coming away from the property (as if to plant the seed that this dream home is about to become a distant dream as somebody else snaps it up). The video was too heavy on 'slider' style on the internals - coupled with the quick transitions it gave an impression of sea sickness. There really should have been a mix of static shots and a more logical 'tour' of the inside. It did seem a bit random as to what we were shown next.

As for the colours and grading - wonderful stuff. I would have expected the windows to be blown out, but the light was spot on. Some of the angles indoors were well thought out and brought out the character of the building.

I'd stick with it, if this is what you want to do for a living, but diversify into other areas (you obviously have skills that can be applied elsewhere) because the real estate market is totally saturated with drone and slider addicts who don't really know what they are doing any more than the clients who are paying them. The wedding game is very much the same here in the UK - people charging a grand for generic copy and paste films with no real passion or character.



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I really appreciate your lengthy comment!! And I think you have a good point about the 'slider style', definitely one to think of!

About the length, I think people having interest in buying such a house can watch the video for a bit longer than people not seriously thinking of buying something, but I think I could certainly be shortened at a few points.

About the tour, I did not intend to make it look like a tour, because it should leave people something to think of and keep interest. And although it was quite hard to make a tour, because it should include hallways (which are boring) everything was edited quite logically, not totally random.

I just love to film and think there is market in the place where I live and think real estate is a market that can give me jobs on a regular base which is why it's interesting. But it is definitely not something I only want to do! It was my first real estate video, so your comment is of great help, thanks!

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