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Where did all the single focus solutions come from?

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47 minutes ago, richg101 said:

 The 28, 38 and 88 attachments have been designed for 58mm/2

So can you use these on a normal Helios 44-2 or just the Trump & your refurbished ones?

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4 hours ago, richg101 said:


OLIVIA will indeed be more of a studio type lens rather than a hand holding affair.  what should be considered is that because the lens isn't actually that long, one could set up a red weapon 8k with a leica M mount and a set of M Summilux's from 35mm, 50, 75 and 90 and have a very short optical protrusion coming out of the front of the camera.  centre of gravity is closer to the camera body than with a typical 2x 25mm anamorphic from panavision meaning a well balanced shoulder rig is definitely possible.  The less than optimal focus mechanisms on rangefinder lenses (in motion picture terms) is no longer a problem since all focus is undertaken on the anamorph.  

6x6 filters will be a must for the lens if maximum fov capabilities are to be obtained. - as it happens I have Bright Tangerine on board supplying OEM matteboxes specific to Olivia

From the outset I was keen to go along the lines of a studio type lens - with so many manufacturers pandering to the gimbal crew, cutting weight and size, at the detriment of image quality, I see OLIVIA fitting into a production where traditional camera support is used.  And as such very little of the design considerations have been based on size or weight.


Good to hear that at least it's short. One of the big problems with hand-holding anamorphic lenses is that unlike spherical glass, where the elements are more or less the same size over the length of the lens, anamorphic lenses have big front elements that are generally ahead of the handles. I remember working on a film with the V-series lenses, and the size of the focusing group on the 40mm made it a challenge for the steadicam op. The front element must've weighed at least two pounds, and as you focused, it literally caused the rig to go out of balance.

I'm glad that a smaller, cheaper version is in the cards for us ultra ultra-low budget filmmakers. Should I keep my fingers crossed for a 2x version? Clearly, the optics will be able to handle it. Designing a 2x group is a whole 'nother story....

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I'm still waiting for someone to design and manufacture high quality copies of the Bolex 16/32.  Still one of the sharpest adapters.  That and a Rectilux and a fantastic combination.  I'd also like to try my Sankor 16D with one as soon as I'm done closing on my new house and funds are available again. :)  I think the ideal anamorphic would have the sharpness of the Bolex and the blue flare of the Sankor 16D in 1.5x compression.


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