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best picture profile in a6300 to match Canon RAW ML?


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I finally bought my a6300 and I'm very keen to match it to colors of the NX1 and Canon ML RAW footage. What should be the best PP and gamma curve I should use to grade my footage and get the skin tones looking good? 


While S-Log 2 seems extremely popular, I have seen others recommend Cine4 for better/easier-to-grade results. 


Would also appreciate if there are links to resources that I can read up on all the different settings for log/gamma/pp. 



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Theres the Sony Picture Profile Guide which helps explain things if you need the basics:


and on an 8 bit camera, the smart money seems to be on Cine 4 or S-Log 2 with SGamut3.Cine to avoid the banding in flat colours that S-Log 3 gets while still taking advantage of the newer colour science. Personally I favour Cine 4 as the gain of SLog 2 is only about half a stop, but is much easier to use.

I haven't got any advice for matching the two cameras mentioned, I'm working on matching the BMPCC with the Sigma 18-35

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