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Macro lens for short film.


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I don't know what macro lens you can get for $200 (maybe one of those macro conversion lens things? I don't know how well they work..) an excellent and affordable (but still over your budget) macro lens is the Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 macro AIS lens ($400). You would also need an adapter for this lens though so another $50-$150 depending on what one you get. 


I really can't think of anything better than the Nikkor.. Maybe that new Olympus one that got good reviews which is $499.. I'm not sure how they'd compare IQ wise both are supposed to be incredibly sharp and around the same price with the adapter for the Nikkor. I'd say Olympus if you need the AF (who needs AF for macro work??) and the Nikkor if you want something with god-tier build quality and something you could adapt to different cameras down the track since it covers FF.

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