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E-M1 firmware 4.0


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As you know, olympus recently released firmware 4.0 for the E-M1, which added a number of video features including 24/25p.  Despite the E-M1 being a bit soft resolution wise compared to current 4K cameras, I still enjoy using it as I love the IBIS and the ergonomics, and I find the olympus colours to be quite pleasing.  I have noticed that with 25p that the image is not muddy on more complex scenes, which was my main issue with the E-M1, and was wondering if anyone else has noted an improvement IQ wise?


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I tested the quality between Firm2.2 at 30p and Firm4 at 24p. Settings were as close as I remember, because during the firmware update all my settings got deleted.

I could not see any difference in the video quality between the two firmwares in the detail:

Firm 2:




And firm 4:



Slight different light cause of the time it took to update but details are pretty much the same. Average bitrate did not change. 

I also tried to test some motion but again no difference:



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