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EVF LCD Changes When Activating Video Record


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This topic has been moved from another thread:

I've been making numerous changes to my A7SII settings -- so I don't know if I have changed something.

I've recently noticed that while in Stills mode, the exposure is not accurately represented in the EVF or the LCD until the video recording is initiated.

However, in Movie mode, the exposure is correctly represented the entire time -- before and during recording.

Is this the default behavior?  Or, is there a setting to make Stills mode behave like Movie mode in this regard?


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I can't speak to the A7SII specifically but what happens on the NX1 is in stills mode the aperture is always wide open until you take a photo or press the DOF preview then it stops down right before it takes the photo. Conversely, As soon as you put the NX in movie mode it will stop down the aperture and increase the ISO to preview the correct shutter speed. At least I think this is what it does. 

The NX1 also has a framing mode that does some funky things similar to this for framing in low light with flashes

Does this sound like what is happening to you?

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Thanks for your response.

That may be what was happening, but I don't remember seeing this before.

I reset the camera back to factory default and the problem has gone away.

However, I'm bumping this thread in the hopes that someone can tell me how I might have gotten to that place.

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