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New firmware and "new camera"

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I'm going to update my e-m5 II later on as it adds a few features. If they just worked a bit more on improving the video quality to better match the stills quality, and maybe reduced the video crop a bit (as well as allowing shutter/aperture changes using the dials while recording, this camera would be a dream.

There was a discussion previously about Sony/Panasonic colours vs Fuji/canon. I've always enjoyed the Olympus JPEG output and colours.  Nice looking natural skin tones and good white balance.

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Man, what a great firmware update. I love my Olympus pro zooms and would love to buy an Olympus body to go with them, but alas I cannot give up the Panasonic video quality. Maybe the next models will tip the balance for me.

Olympus really does a good job with innovation like the wifi app/tethering, live composite and live time, IBIS, good lenses with manual clutch, focus bracketing, excellent touch screen, high-resolution mode.  Rumour has it that they are working on some new faster prime lenses.

I'm glad they are finally focusing on video too.

My update went OK on my E-M5II, now I just have to reconfigure all the settings that get wiped during a firmware upgrade...

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