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Sony screens darken when recording 4K


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There is absolutely no way around this is there?

As soon as you press record on both my A7Rii and the RX100iv (probably the same in the A7Sii & RX10ii as well but not sure), the screen automatically dims. It's super frustrating especially when trying to use the LCD in bright sun. Can't see zebras properly or frame anything properly ... can't see anything really !! Even happens in the EVF. I would have thought the EVF could have stayed true brightness. 

 I've tried it in Movie mode and on "M" mode and the same thing happens. Set the camera to Sunny Weather as well and still the same.

It probably has something to do with overheating I'm sure. At least they could give this feature an "ON/Off" setting. Better still,  I wish they solved their heat issues first instead of doing stuff like this.

Nothing can be done about this, can it? I've searched but there doesn't seem to be any solutions.

I'm surprised this doesn't piss more people off.

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