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Matching GH2 to GH4 vlog with FilmConvert


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Hi there,

For an upcoming short/miniseries we will likely have to use a 2cam setup due to limited shooting time. While I would love to use the vlogged GH4 and grade with filmconvert all the way, for some dialogue scenes and grabs we will need to use the GH2 to stay on schedule.

Has anyone worked with this particular setup before? I would imagine you could get a pretty close match with FC using the same film stock, but what GH2 settings (and hacks) would yield the closest match? I will also experiment a bit with this in the coming weeks and post here if there is interest in this setup.

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I did that several times with GH4 and G6. If you want the short path just shoot with "Natural" profile on both cameras, with sharpness and saturation all the way down and contrast slightly lowered.
Otherwise you could match GH4's Cine-D (or V-log) with GH2 footage with a little more work: you should start correcting the footage in order to have the same contrast and color in all clips and then you grade them with film convert or any software you like. 
Just an hint: if you can, choose the GH4 for the larger shot and the GH2 for the close up, in order to maximize your possibilities thanks to the greater dynamic range of GH4. 

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