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Vincenzo Limone Cataldo

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Hi everyone, I'm really really new to the anamorphic world and it just happened to receive (for free) a Sankor 16D. For my understanding for this Double Focus system i need a clamp (the redstan I guess) that goes on the main lens. I want to use my Rokkor 50mm or my Zeiss Pancolar 50mm with a Panasonic g7.

Do I need something else?

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Check out the listing for Sankor 16D in the Lens-cyclopedia for info.  If you search these forums for 'Sankor 16D' you will no doubt find a lot of useful info!

Redstan is an option, excellent quality but pricey,  Jim Chang just posted about his new Rapido Technology products, and I myself have been playing around with finderscope rings.  Normally used for telescopes, less precision, but sturdy and affordable if you dig around for a good deal.

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