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GH4 exposure problem in movie mode


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Sorry if this is a silly question but its really bugging me. Does anyone know why the GH4 does not display exposure information in automatic movie modes (P/A/S)?  For example, in aperture priority mode, the shutter speed is calculated automatically by the camera but it is not displayed.  If Auto ISO is used, the ISO value is not displayed either.  Ideally I want the camera to use a limited range of shutter speed (not too fast) and iso (not too high) and I might want to use an ND filter too.  Since there is no exposure information in movie mode, I find I have to switch the mode dial back to A just to get a meter reading.  Frequent switching back and forth is not just annoying, its probably wearing out the dial!   It also makes the use of custom modes more irritating, since any unsaved changes are lost when changing the mode dial.  Anyone else having this problem or am I doing something silly?

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No, the GH4 cannot do that. But why don't you just shoot in manual mode? I don't see the benefit of what you are doing. Ideally, you want to shoot at 180 degrees shutter with  24 fps. So just put the camera at 180 degrees and leave it, and adjust the aperture for your DOF and exposure. Then use your histogram and zebras to get a rough estimate of your exposure (its, rough, but just as good as the method you were using).

Is there some reason you have decided to film in this manner? Do you need different shutter speeds for creative reasons? Are you trying to use shutter speed to handle exposure? If so, you should be using ND filters, so your resulting film doesn't look jerky from the non-standard 

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