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Just found out im traveling: anamorphic rig for sale / trade!!

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I just found out I'll be traveling in Scandinavia for the next year

I just finished accumulating all of the various rings/adapters for my kit so it hurts to let it go so soon but I don't want to carry it all around while I'm backpacking etc. and would prefer to just carry a Nokton 25mm with me!




Here is my kit, I am willing to

A. sell for $850 (shipped only to USA)

B. trade for Nokton 25mm plus cash on my end

C. trade this kit PLUS Panasonic 25mm F/1.4 for your Nokton 25mm and cash on your end


anyways here is the kit


Kowa 2x anamorphic Bell & Howell
Helios 44m Prime
Helios 44-2 Prime
Redstan Clamp (newest version)
Novoflex M42 to M43 Adapter for prime lens to body
M42 to Ef mount adapter
Stepper Rings for primes to Redstan clamp


Thanks :)

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I'm just getting started shooting anamorphic and after hours research your kit is prefect for me. I would love to get it off your hands but the only problem is that i live in Toronto Canada. Is there any way that we could work out a way to ship to Toronto?

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