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Laptop as monitor for anamorphic?


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Hey guys im looking for a solution to monitor my anamorphic setup. Obviously the lcd will be next to useless as the footage will all be distorted so I am wondering if i can run the hdmi out to my laptop to monitor it there? Is everyone just picking up smallHD monitors to correct the footage for focusing or has someone found a way to use a program on their laptop to correct the footage for monitoring? I dont care about recording the signal I just want to be able to see what is in focus or not



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the distortion isnt so bad that you cant focus or compose,.. if i were it guess this forum wouldnt exist as no one would be that masochistic :P


have you gotten your gear yet? if so, just try it out and you'll see what i mean,...


you're still composing within a rectangle so the same composition rules apply, rule of thirds, golden ratio, etc, etc. so if you line things up so that it looks good on your LCD, it'll look good once de-squeezed. 


its like what someone said about the dual focus,... after 2 weeks it'll become second nature.


the same goes for focusing,... keep your taking lens at f2-2.8 and when things pop into focus you'll see it clearly unless you're really close with razor thing DoF.


also someone posted a great tip about using vlc player to de-squeeze and preview your footage without having to go into your video editor.

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awesome thanks! I have all my gear except waiting on my redstan clamp, I am moving to Norway in two weeks so ordering gear is a very last minute thing so was trying to get on it before its too late!


Thanks for the info, I'll look up the vlc player tip and im sure ill get the focusing eventually, it is a relief to know it is still somewhat possible on the lcd :)

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