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angenieux close up lens anamorphic missing link

tony wilson

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[quote name='Bioskop.Inc' timestamp='1350814936' post='20068']
The Sigma is a little gem as well & only £10-15 on ebay (gold box).

I've just picked up one of those Sigma diopters....least I think I have (waiting for it to arrive), there does not appear to be any specs on the box or the outer ring to indicate 1.6x. There is also a double element variant which may or may not resemble the Canon 500D +2.0 close-up.
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Yeah, the 1.6 is just an approximate guess really, as it says nothing on the box - but its a corker, very low CA.

This is the one i was talking about:

It'll get you really up close & personal to your subjects with your tiny S8/2x lens (which is definitely the same lens as the Iscomorphot 8/2x).
The doublet variation sounds interesting.
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[quote name='septemberdawn' timestamp='1350782524' post='20058']
Such demonstrations are most helpful; thanks for sharing.

What surprises me most is the difference in FOV when comparing the 0.3 with the 0.4

and me it almost seems like camera position has changed.

superb test the funny thing is it is better that a lot of the shitty tests film crews do when they are playing with panavision or hawk lens.
nice focus pulls
gonna have to try that wine now..
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Thanks Al & a pleasure.
All i can say is good BBC Store training put into practice! About all the BBC were good for!

Can assure you there's no movement in camera positioning, except the last one.
Focus pulls all by hand - why throw cash away on an overpriced system when you've got these lovely 5 digit things for free!

The wine's a corker!
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my other project without the heat or bullcrap of slr magics lens is my prototype small likle anamorphic.
very quick bursts the lens is back in pieces as it is still got someway to go.
optics still a little soft but
i have now surpassed optex and century in quality and flexibility.
not as wide as those bits of glass but maybe a better look.
the anamorphic optics are uncoated and the cooke optics have no coat.

the footage is a bit wonky as i held the anamorphic in front of a lovely old cooke lens from charlie chaplin times and so old had no filter thread


Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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