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Adobe Premiere Anamorphic question


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Hey guys,

Did some hunting but couldn't find any solid info, its late here in Australia and im just looking for some quick answers. Im sure others could benefit from this too.

I used to shoot 5D with isco 36 and FCP 7. life was easy! haha.

Ive made the move to GH2 + isco and now in adobe premiere.

Few things im wondering.

-Best way to unsqueeze my 1.5x 1080 24p footage? theres those presets in the modify section but nothing for 1.5x

-What sort of export settings are you guys using?

-finally i am running the Flow Motion v2.02 hack on the GH2, may sound dumb but how can i check my data rate to make sure its working? any easy way?

thanks guys
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multiply your 1920 wide figure by 1.5x. = 2880px wide

create a custom frame of 1080x2880, 24fps/25fps when initially setting up the project.

import your footage in and then drag your first clip into timeline. click it and then go to effects tab. on 'motion' deselect uniform scale and set horizontal scale to 150%. bring the rest of your clips in and then right click and 'copy' the first clip. select all the other clips and right click and 'paste attributes'. it will stretch all of the footage by 150%.

otherwise, right click your clips in the preview box and hit 'modify/interpret footage' then there might be a selection for 1.5x anamorphic. i know there is a 1.33x option. if not maybe you can create one?

exporting.. I use quicktime .Mov. H284 compression. 24bit, bitrate depends on the type of footage. frame size =1920x1080. using this frame size means the frame is smaller and black bars get added to the top and bottom. with this there is a perceived detail improvement due to the vertical lines being squeezed. if you want to maintain 1080 tall on the actual image area you need to use uncompressed .mov then set your output frame to match your preview frame(1080x2880)

hope that helps:)
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^^ thanks alot buddy, really appreciate it.

I had another look this morning, actually noticed there is a 1.5x in the modify section (was super tired last night). with those 1.5/1.33/2 etc in that section, is it just a straight unsqueeze? cause they have weird names like DVPAL etc, just wanna make sure nothing funky is also happening in that process.

now i just have to work out why the hack isnt working!
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thanks mate,

one last question and then i think im sorted, got the hack working fine.

like you said stretch each clip, im using cs6 might be a little different, i found under distort - transform and i can un squeeze it there but its out of a 100 value, i assumed cause of the 1.5 lens i set it to 50, but its too squeezed, just thinking how i can work out what 1.5 would be.

headaches! thanks alot for your help though.

60 looks kinda of right, wouldnt mind knowing exactly though!

EDIT!!!! NAILED IT!!! 1080 divide by 0.667 is 720 which is the right squeeze for 1.5 on 1920x1080! and i even have black bars. YES!

66.7 is the magic number
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imo it is better to set your project to 1080 tall. and multiply your width by 1.5x. then when you go to export it out it automaticlly fits it into your frame. then at a later date if you wanted to export it out at a full 1080 tall (the the respective stretched horizontal you will maintain greater detail for playback on screens and projectors surpassing 1080p...

this is especially the case with the GH2 which really is a lot sharper than the 5d etc. the 5d benefits from the downsize because it squeezes more fluffy detail (fluffy 1080 tall) into a smaller 720tall area. this gives perceived sharpeness increase when watched on a smaller screen with scaling enabled.
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[quote name='septemberdawn' timestamp='1345764523' post='16347']
In Premiere CS6, what are the advantages of using the aforementioned techniques as opposed to importing anamorphic footage into the clip 'bin' > right-clicking the clip > Modify > Interpret Footage > Selecting 'Conform to' and choosing an appropriate anamorphic format?

I dont think there are any. but assuming the modify clip didnt have the specific stretch preset this would be how you could do the stretch.

I have not tested this, but if you set your timeline to 16:9 and then apply an 1.33x modify to your clip, then drag the clip into the timeline I wonder if the clip will then modify the timetine in a stretch to the horizontal, or a squeeze to the vertical? ( you get a window appearing saying "would you like to modify your timeline to match the clip".
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