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  1. Hi, I am filming a short video clip of a person walking from an indoor location (a bit dark) to an outdoor location (quite bright, with white bricks in the background) in one continuos movement (no cuts). I am using the Canon EOS R6 in the Manual Shooting mode, recording 4K 25 FPS IPB. The Shutter Speed is set to 1/50 and the Aperture to the widest (f/4 on my lens) and ISO set to Auto. I am using eye-tracking AF, which also influences the exposure. Due to the dynamic nature of the clip (one take), I cannot manually adjust the exposure while recording, so that's why I am using Auto ISO The problem occurs when the person walks outside. At the door entrance, the entire image gets overblown, and it takes a few seconds for the camera to adjust the exposure. I'd like to make this faster somehow, since it doesn't look good when the person is overblown. I can adjust the highlights a bit in post, but it doesn't look super good. If possible, I'd like to avoid having the camera overexposure in the first place. I have also tried Clog3, which is a bit better, but the issue still persists It is not possible to add artificial lights to the scene It is not possible to use another camera Thanks in advance 🙂
  2. I am trying to get in the habit of exposing to the right with my 5D Mark III raw footage. But how far to the right?   Below is a contact sheet made up of screen grabs I've taken in Resolve from untouched DNGs. I set the exposure for the first image using the false color function on my SmallHD monitor (which works great for exposing H264/AVCHD footage, but here it actually looks quite underexposed) and then I upped the exposure in one stop increments.   I am hoping that someone more experienced with raw footage than I can give me an idea of which of these would contain the most recoverable data (click to enlarge image):
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