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  1. The EOSHD Anamorphic Shooter's Guide is a comprehensive cookbook to buying and using anamorphic lenses.   "With this guide you will enter the world of anamorphic lenses. Before beginning, ask yourself – do I want my footage to look like everybody else’s? Would I feel satisfied if my footage was shot with lenses anyone could buy, from any shop? If the answer is ‘no’ – choose anamorphic"   Available now only at EOSHD - http://www.eoshd.com/anamorphic-guide/
  2. Hi!   I'm thinking about buying the "EOSHD Panasonic GH2 Shooter's Guide" but I have a GH3 and not a GH2. Is this going to be a significant problem for me if I buy the guide or is the advice included also applicable to the GH3? I suppose the two cameras are quite similar, but I am quite new in the world of DSLR filmmaking and I do not wish to be confused...   Thanks, anax276
  3. Does anyone know a good site that rates/reviews/values/has information on a wide variety of vintage lenses? Sort of like DPREVIEW.com but for older lenses? I've accumulated a few old lenses from digging around at my parents place, craigslist, and ebay, and am trying to figure out what to keep and what to ditch. I probably don't need all of these, but want to keep the best ones. Here's what I've got if anyone has any tips: vivitar 24mm f2.8 Pentax SMC Takumar 35mm f3.5 Canon Super-Canomatic 35mm f2.5 Canon FD 50mm 1.4 Nikon Nikkor 50mm f2 Helios 44m-4 58mm f2 Jupiter 9 85mm f2 Pentax SMC Takumar 150mm f4 Olympus Zuiko PEN-F 50-90mm auto-zoom f3.5 Thanks! Noah
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