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  1. Hi! Long time reader, first time posting. I am going on a holiday to Germany, Berlin next week. Been there few times and really like the town. Now I would like to shoot some footage there. Mostly been thinking shooting on streets capturing moments of everyday life. So I am asking some advice from you guys that been/live there. Where is some good looking shooting locations in Berlin? I am moving light, walking and with train/bus. Some rough looking places would be awsome also! :) -Teemu-
  2. About 3 months ago, my grandmother told me some of the tactics being tossed at women by the democratic party to be used to deter an attacker... All of these of course, are to substitute a firearm. They are as follows: 1. Tell the attacker you have a venereal disease. 2. Blow your rape whistle. 3. Defecate on yourself.. (... this is legit.) and if all else fails: 4. Vomit on the attacker, and he will let you go. Since I know not one single woman on the face of the earth who can do 3 and 4 on command, I suspect this did not go over so well with the female response. However, I'd love to see this played out... so here it is:   https://vimeo.com/67751644    
  3. Ok, Question #1: So I really wanna get out and shoot. Are there any editing tips for Final Cut Pro that can give a nice anamorphic look to a 16:9 frame? Im shooting with 30mm f/1.4 Sigma on 600D Canon. Question #2: I will eventally buy somthing. And I'm a broke student. The Helios 44m 2/58 lens and a cheap anamorphic lens sounds perfect. Any suggestions on the cheapest Anamorphic lens that can fit the Helios? THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT !   Peace -Techno
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